Student support software — Student recruitment application

Manage relationships with students and recruit new ones with the same tool

Image of a training center.

OriGn is the ideal software solution for call centers in schools and learning centers in general, because it allows the integration of student support with student recruitment.

Customized data forms

OriGn includes all the necessary tools in order to allow Grupo 77's experts, or your own staff, to adapt 100% its features to your specific needs, namely:

This set of tools provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerates the adaptation of OriGn to your needs, shrinking development time and costs to a minimum.
  • It can be used by our staff, for a reduced price, to carry out the necessary work to meet your needs and requirements 100%.
  • Or it can be used by your own staff to create as many projects or campaigns as wanted, if your business so requires.

Predictive Dialer: More calls = more students

Since in most call centers dedicated to student recruitment it is key to make as many calls as possible, OriGn includes our exclusive Predictive Dialer Server. In the following video you can see how it works.

Inbound call planning and monitoring

By means of OriGn's native and seamless integration with highly specialized call-routing middleware like cHar–for you it will be a feature of OriGn as any other–you will be able to:

  • Set the inbound-call routing as well as the working policy of the call queues.
  • Monitor the call queues, which, used in conjunction with the Monitor L!ve, will allow you to make decisions immediately.
  • Get reports on answered calls, calls missed in the mailbox, calls missed in the queue, unanswered calls, etc.
  • Get detailed reports on the activity of the agents: when they logged in or out, when they were in one or another activity state, aggregated times spent in each state, etc.

OriGn takes care also of logging agents in and out. They just have to click on a button.

Student/prospective-student history

Agents have the possibility of seeing at all times the history of all the calls and interactions of all kinds that correspond to the student or prospective student they are talking to, in a list or accessing a specific one to check all its details.

Live prospective-student importation

Evidently, OriGn allows you to import prospective students and their data from external sources. What is surprising is that you can do so while the campaign is being carried out by the agents.

The amount of time and headaches that such a simple detail will save you does not need to be pointed out. Or does it?

Complete automation of call retries and follow-up calls

OriGn ensures that the follow-up calls to undecided or doubtful prospective students are made on time, either by the same agent or by another one, depending on the configuration you decide in relation to the situation of the prospective student.

OriGn also handles the call retries you deem necessary, respecting the time slots that you can set and up to a maximum number of retries that you can configure for all the telephone numbers or just for those that have never been reached.

Call recording

The use of the SIP softphone that OriGn incorporates allows the recording of calls made or received by the agents. This recording is completely configurable:

  • Audio file format.
  • Tags for this file.
  • Full call recording or on-demand recording.
  • Physical location of the generated recordings, etc.

All these recordings are accessible through the student/prospective-student history, by date, etc.

See the video below for details on OriGn's call recording functionalities.

Call answering

The following video shows how the Agent Desktop—OriGn's process that agents use to do all their work—operates when it is only receiving calls to service the students, that is, when the call-blending (combining outgoing and incoming calls) capability is not being used.