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We answer your questions about our software application for the comprhensive  management of call centers and contact centers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I get more info about OriGn?

You may download OriGn free demo.

You may also contact us and ask us for whatever you might need.

Can I have a personalized explanation about the application of OriGn to our specific needs?

Yes, you can. If you so wish you may request a personal online demo, without any obligation.

This method allows one of our experts to show you how OriGn would apply to your precise requirements.

By means of this procedure, you will see on your computer screen—as if it were a TV-set—that of our expert's, while he or she shows you live how OriGn works. At the same time, you will be talking to the expert—either by phone or by Skype, as you prefer—so you will be listening to his or her explanations and be able to ask on the spot those doubts you may have.

And couldn't you come personally to my office to show me how OriGn works?

The online demo is a very effective method, but you can ask us about the possibility of one of our experts going to your premises to conduct the demo in person, if that is more convenient for you for any reason.

How do I buy OriGn?

Once you have contacted us, we will prepare an estimate for you, which will include those features of OriGn that best fit your needs.

Which is the delivery time of OriGn?

The delivery time is immediate. Once you place the order, we will send the program by courier, mail or internet.

How do I install OriGn?

OriGn is auto-installable. You just need to call us so we can provide you with the installation password.

How do I start working with OriGn?

We will assign an expert to you who will give you and/or your staff the adequate training. This training is conducted either remotely or in person.

Can I add new features to OriGn later on?

Yes, you can first purchase those functionalities that are essential to you from the start, and then add those that the growth of your company or the evolution of your needs call for.

Are updates included?

Yes, they are. With the purchase of OriGn you will be granted a free 12-month maintenance agreement during which we will provide you with technical support, reinstallation insurance and updates. Once that period has expired, you may renew said agreement and so keep getting the corresponding benefits.